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This is the changelog for this document

Changes in V3.2

  • General tidy and fixed broken characters in Relational Algebra section.

Changes in V3.1

  • Fixes to typos and section nesting.
  • Image figures are now handled in a more XHTML way.

Changes in V3.0

  • Order of SQL and Data analysis sections switched around
  • Embedded SQL rewritten as Application Links with considerable changes
  • Introduction changed to have an intro to "what is a table"
  • The Unit groupings have been removed
  • SQL chapters have been completely rewritten and expanded
  • Removed: Data Dictionary (some metadata in new section)
  • Removed: DBA (some DBA in new section)
  • New: DBMS Implementation. Uses some rewritten notes from Storage Structures
  • New: Metadata. Includes material rewritten from security, plus is expanded to discuss metadata issues and some aspects of the DBA.
  • Changes: Normalisation loses 4NF and 5NF, but gains a simple in-class example
  • Exam walkthrough and exam advice removed. This is best done by picking up a past paper and working through that, or using the online tests. Do not use the old slides related to the exam walkthrough (which contained things like assertion/reason questions), as they are badly dated and misleading.
  • The notes are not now available as a word document. All the notes are kept in html. I will endevour to produce a good quality printable output of the notes as a pdf, but this technology is limited at the moment.

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