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Welcome to Database Resources. I have been authoring online material to teach databases for many years, and this site is the latest attempt to bring online database learning to the public.

The site revolves around this electronic document, which contains all the theory required to pass a introduction to databases module at University level. The site also has practical exercises, including an online quiz for testing your knowledge, actual University exam papers for you to formally test yourself and gain exam experience, and an online SQL environment for executing your own SQL from the safety of your own home.

For reference, the version of the notes you see on this site are based on v3.1 of the printed notes.

The SQL environment gives you access to an Oracle database, and allows you to write your own SQL and execute it as part of an extensive practical exercise. Free registration allows you to revisit the tutorials and continue on from where you left off.

There are additional resources for those involved in teaching databases, including a downloadable version of the notes and powerpoint slides for formal lectures.


This document is for use with a variety of University courses running throughout the world. The document forms a good introduction to the basics of database systems for university students. At Napier University the modules which use this material include:

  • CO22001 – Database Systems. This is a 2nd year module for computing students.
  • CS22010 – Database Systems 2. This is the old name for CO22001.
  • CO72010 – Database Systems. This is a postgraduate module taught on some of our postgraduate conversion courses.

You are free to make use of this site for personal learning purposes only. To make use of the material found here for financial gain you must gain written permission from myself. Suggestions and corrections welcomed.

Dr Gordon Russell ( )


Andrew Cumming
John Old

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